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Where are they from?

Our textiles are made from recycled materials by a Taiwanese manufacturer that specializes in using innovative technologies to produce high-quality and eco-friendly textiles. Our cut-and-sew facilities are located in Nanhai, China. We selected this cut-and-sew facilities know they take almost twice longer to complete small quantities orders, that way they can ensure fairer work conditions by avoiding overtime. 

Our bras and leggings are made from 73% recycled PET and 27% spandex, certified by the trusted Taiwanese government and Global Recycled Standard.  

What is recycled PET filament?

PET filament is an outstanding environmental-friendly fiber made from post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate also known as plastic bottles. These the bottles have been processed and made into yarn. 

Our Taiwanese manufacturer uses state-of-the-art recycling techniques to repurpose waste, prevent more plastic waste in landfill and entering our oceans, and transform it into a new resource. Compared to virgin fabrics, ocean-recycled filament reduces CO2 emissions up to 50%.

What about dyeing?

Generally, 100-150 litres of water are needed to dye 1 kg of fabric, but our manufacturer's supercritical dyeing technology is water-free and organic solvent-free. Pioneered using supercritical CO2 instead of water for the dyeing process, this eliminates waste and allows for a more efficient process.

Our brand philosophy is every little actionable step counts. Take a step toward a more sustainable future today!

What about Packaging?

Fancy packaging is not our style, there will be no glossy printings.  We only use natural paper and 100% compostable mailer bags for shipping.