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All About Baby Friendly - Muslin Baby Products

As parent/s we all want the best for our children, as a new mum myself I can tell you why I love baby products that are made with 100% muslin fabric, especially coming from a mum who's child has eczema. 

Softness: Muslin is known for its soft and gentle texture, which is comfortable against a baby's sensitive skin. The softness of muslin helps prevent irritation and provides a cozy feeling for the baby.

Breathability: Lightweight:

Easy to Care for: Muslin is generally easy to care for, as it can be machine-washed and tends to become softer with each wash. This is convenient for parents who need baby items that are simple to clean and maintain

Time-Tested Tradition: Muslin has been used for baby products for a long time, and its popularity has endured. Many parents appreciate the tradition of using muslin for baby items and trust its qualities

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