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Quit Your Job and Follow Your Dream?

How many times have you seen YouTube videos and social media post with people talking about quitting their job to follow their dreams? “I left my job, built a multi-million-dollar business! and now living the life”

I mean, not many people who quit their jobs to pursue dreams will tell you about it if they fell flat on their face. And it clearly doesn’t work that way for everyone. If it did, we wouldn’t have anyone working in essential jobs like cleaning public spaces, laying brick, driving trucks cross-country, or making food deliveries in the middle of winter.

Just about everyone has things they wish they’d done in the past. Dreams they wish they’d chased in their twenties, investments they wish they’d made a few years before a company went big, the list goes on. But there’s no point in living in regret.

On the other hand, it’s easy to wonder “I didn’t chase this dream in my twenties. Is it too late to try now?” And the answer is a resounding “no!” If you don’t pursue your goals, even if they’re lofty, you’ll find yourself in an unpleasantly familiar loop of questioning “what if?” years down the road. End the cycle and give your dreams a shot.

I’m a practical person, thanks in part to how I was raised. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, my family moved to Australia when I was a teenager. My parents were focused on providing for our family, which meant dreams took a backseat.

I never bothered asking my parents if I could study at fancy schools; I knew it wasn’t an option. Instead, I became fiercely self-sufficient so my parents wouldn’t have to worry about supporting me financially.

I worked a few jobs for a few years until I didn’t have to worry about scrounging to pay for the essentials. Over the years, I work hard, study hard and do something that keeps me motivated and allow myself to dream. Finally, I landed a good job that was challenging enough to keep my mind occupied and that kept me from starting another side business.

But a few years went by, I climbed further up the ladder, and found myself as high as I could go. I knew I could look for a new job. But wouldn’t that just land me in the same situation a few years from now?

Then COVID hit and working from home became a thing. I realized if I could work from home for someone else, I could work from home for myself. I resolved to start my own business. But still, the ever-present question remains: should I quit my job to fulfil my dreams? Or should I make the practical choice?

And, like for most people in my situation, the answer is yes… and no. Eventually, all entrepreneurs want to work for themselves full-time. But startups take a long time to turn a profit, let alone turn a profit and pay a full salary.

The answer to the question “should I quit my job to pursue my dreams?”, for most people, turns out to be pretty mundane: not yet. Build a strong business foundation, transition to part-time work as the business starts to grow, have plans like enough of saving to allow yourself to go on without income for a little while then go from there.

Making a living pursuing your dream sounds great, but the goal is to pursue your dream. Making a living doing it? That’s just a bonus.

For now, let’s stick to reality, enjoy the process and not rush in.

Wait, I have more to share after quitting my job with NO PLAN. That will be shared in upcoming blog.

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