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Quit Your Job and Follow Your Dream?

The answer to the question “should I quit my job to pursue my dreams?”, for most people, turns out to be pretty mundane: not yet. Build a strong business foundation, transition to part-time work as the business starts to grow, and go from there. Making a living pursuing your dream sounds great. But the goal is to pursue your dream. Making a living doing it? That’s just a bonus.

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Quick and Easy Healthy Snacks

4 Healthy Snacks Ideas Let's be honest, avoiding snacks isn't sustainable, so make snacking healthy. Sharing some of my favourite healthy snack ideas that are satisfying cravings and keeping me on track. You can make them in less than 2mins! Ever since working from home, spending the most time at home snacking is just way too easy. We all know the name 'snacking' has a bad image, but healthy snacking is actually an important part of our diet. It provides energy in between meals which is a great way to avoid overeating at the main mealtime. I find myself opening the fridge and the snack carbine way too often. So we try to limit unhealthy snacks at home by replacing...

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Don’t Feel Guilty!

The thing you need to remember is that you didn’t create these environmental issues. No single person is responsible for climate change. Letting yourself shoulder the blame for the world’s problems is pointless (and stressful). If you find yourself feeling guilty, anxious, or worried about how your choices are affecting the world on a global scale, take a step back. 

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